Fam Flying for October 12th at Vernon Airport see Calender for your times and info NO BAND MONDAY October 14th!!!!!!! 223 Red Lion Air Cadet Sponsoring Committee AGM October 17th, 1830 hrs at G20, Parents\Guardians strongly recommend attending. October 17 Fitness night, civilian clothing for sports. October 24, Winter Dress!!!! View the squadron calendar to keep up to date. Still welcoming new Cadets!! Cheers OCdt Rossner.
29/09/2019 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
G20 Training Building

Mandatory training for Level 1 through 5 Cadets at G20

Lunch will be provided to Cadets


0745-0800 Arrive at Bldg G20
0800-0815 BRIEFING 2LT Devine
0815-0900 103.01 – Identify responsibilities of a follower
0900-0945 103.02 – Map personal goals for the Training Year
0945-1000 BREAK
1000-1045 103.03 – Participate in Team Building Activities
1045-1130 104.01 – Identify activities that will help achieve a healthy lifestyle
1130-1215 121.01 – Discuss aviation opportunities
1215-1300 LUNCH
1300-1345 203.01 – Discuss leadership within a peer setting
1345-1430 203.02 – Discuss the principles of leadership
1430-1445 129.01 – Recite the phonetic alphabet
1445-1500 BREAK
1500-1545 104.02 – Develop a personal activity plan
1545-1630 204.02 – Identify healthy food choices
1630-1645 DEBRIEF

This training weekend provides Senior Cadets the tools to presented lessons to all Cadets and staff for review, sharpening Cadets effective speaking, confidence, creation, and presentation of lessons.

Senior Cadets then present to all Cadets on Sunday lessons that are part of the Cadet training for their Level.

This training weekend typically happens once a year at the start of the Cadets training year.

Availability of staff, building access, successful skill training to Senior Cadets and training schedule are best suited over a weekend.


OCdt Rossner