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Absentee Request

It is important that a Cadet informs the Squadron when they will not be able to attend a function.

If a Cadet misses 3 consecutive training nights without contacting the Squadron the Cadet’s membership will be ended.

During the start of covid this policy has been on hold but is now being re-introduced as of October 21, 2021


If a Cadet has been assigned a task it is important that the Cadet makes arrangements to pass the Task to an accepting Cadet and inform who has agreed to take your task.

If a Cadet is feeling unwell, or not able to attend a training night or event due to other circumstances please use the form below to inform the Officer Staff so your cadet record attendance can be properly entered.

If a Cadet requires more time than just one day, it is best the Cadet contacts the Commanding Officer.


[contact-form-7 id=”2450″ title=”AbsentExcused”]