Water fun night on Thursday (civvies). See calendar for details.Calendar


Enrollment Documentation & Information

There are a few ways to join the Cadets by online application or by printing off and providing a hard copy to the Administration Officer at 223 Red Lion.

Choose only one enrollment option as they both



Enrollment by online application 

Join 223 Red Lion by clicking this link

You will be asked which unit.


Enter your e-mail address and click the start new application button.

Check your e-mail as you will receive a join the cadet program e-mail.

In your e-mail click the continue application link and continue the application process.


Enrollment information

Additional information, please review.

223 Red Lion Squadron enrollment information package

Registration and fees to be provided to 223 Red Lion Squadron Sponsoring Committee

Parents \ Caregivers who want to help

Yes you can help the Squadron by reaching out to the Squadron Sponsoring Committee.

Cadet Code of Conduct

New Cadets please fill out this document and provide to Administration officer.

Cadet Code of Conduct to be read, and signed


223 Red Lion Squadron Location

Where to find us by Google maps link

We parade out of the G20 building shown below with the red arrow.

The G20 building access is found on the north side of the large building facing a small parking lot.

223 Red Lion Hours

223 Red Lion Squadron standard training is every Thursday night, from 1815hrs to 2115hrs, unless otherwise directed.

Additional Squadron activities and or events are provided as complimentary training on other evenings and or weekends.

Complimentary training maybe some of the following planned throughout the year:

Range, Band, Ground School, Field Traning Exercises, Effective Speaking, Drill Team, Parades, Trips, First Aide training, Special events.


If a Cadet is unable to attend Thursday night, and or complimentary training they had signed up we ask that they call the Squadron cell phone to inform the Officers of their absence.

Attendance is taken 

The Squadron Cell number is 250-309-9490. Please leave a message if no one is able to answer the call.


Squadron Calendar

Once the training year is planned, reviewed, and confirmed the Squadron Calander is populated as a guide to help Cadets, and their caregivers stay informed.

Looking at the top of the squadron website, which can be viewed right now, a banner exists that provides a quick summary and a link to the Calendar.

The Calendar can also be viewed from this link


223 Red Lion Squadron staff

223 Red Lion Squadron Staff 


Air Cadet Uniform

Once a cadets has joined the Squadron they can request a uniform.

Please use the following link to provide measurements for a uniform request.



We will not be parading in person for September 9th, and will be receiving direction on Sunday September 12 for how the 2021\2022 training year will proceed.

We follow BC Health Orders and Directives provided to us by the Cadet Chain of command.

Over the past training year, when training in person was allowed, masks were issued, proper social distancing enforced as well as sanitation of hands and surfaces.