Did you check out the amazing virtual CTC summer training that was e-mailed to your parent \ caregiver? Click the link to see. Follow the instructions. Submit at 0800hrs PST, June 29th to the Pacific Region VCTCRegistrationPacific@cadets.gc.ca on the web page.Click me!

Enrollment Documentation & Information

CF 1158 Application For Membership

223 Red Lion Sqn Enrollment info Package

Sponsoring Committee Registration and Fees

We parade every Thursday day from 6:15PM until 9:15PM.

Check the squadron calendar during the year to stay informed.

Parents are welcome to come in and listen to announcements at the end of the night for around 9pm.

We parade out of the G20 building as shown below with the red arrow.

The access is found on the north side of the large building facing a small parking lot.