Thank you Cadets and Parents! We impressed!! All those who participated in Remembrance day should be proud!! Well done!! NO BAND tonight Nov 12 Groundschool at B15 for those who signed up Nov 13 Marksmanship Nov 14 Standard training night *** Notice for Cadets wishing to apply for Scholarship Power\Glider your resume and cover letter with the application is required by Nov 21. Start on the Resume and cover letter now ***Click to go to Calendar for timing and details

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Starting September 12th 2019, we parade every Thursday day from 6:15PM until 9:15PM. Check the squadron calendar during the year to stay informed.

The Calendar is currently being updated for the up coming training year.

-OCdt Rossner

Parents are welcome to come in an listen to announcements at the end of the night for around 9pm.

We parade out of the G20 building as shown below with the red arrow. The access is found on the north side of the large building facing a small parking lot.