Did you check out the amazing virtual CTC summer training that was e-mailed to your parent \ caregiver? Click the link to see. Follow the instructions. Submit at 0800hrs PST, June 29th to the Pacific Region VCTCRegistrationPacific@cadets.gc.ca on the web page.Click me!
03/10/2019 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
G20 Training Building

Parents & Guardians,

You are all invited to attend our Cadet Sponsoring Committee meeting to help support your youth’s Squadron and see what you can do to help and stay informed on upcoming events.

The meeting will take place inside the G20 training building classroom with the 223 Red Lion Sponsoring Committee.

This is a great opportunity to participate and support 223 Red Lion Squadron as well as meet other parents.

Everyone is welcome!

Allison Lambert

223 Red Lion Chairperson