Fam Flying for October 12th at Vernon Airport see Calender for your times and info NO BAND MONDAY October 14th!!!!!!! 223 Red Lion Air Cadet Sponsoring Committee AGM October 17th, 1830 hrs at G20, Parents\Guardians strongly recommend attending. October 17 Fitness night, civilian clothing for sports. October 24, Winter Dress!!!! View the squadron calendar to keep up to date. Still welcoming new Cadets!! Cheers OCdt Rossner.
27/09/2019 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
G20 Training Building

Mandatory training for Level 3 through 5 Cadets 

Timings Level 3-5 Instructor

1745-1800 ARRIVE AT Bldg G20

1800-1830 PO 303.01 – Perform the role of team leader, 2Lt Devine
1830-1900 PO 403.01 – Describe needs and expectation of team leader, Capt Schrauwen
1900-1930 PO 303.02 – Participate in a mentoring relationship, 2Lt Devine

1930-1945 BREAK

1945-2015 PO 403.02 – Select a leadership approach, 2Lt Devine
2015-2045 PO 303.03 – Practice self-assessment, OCdt Rossner

2045-2100 DEPART